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Crunch the Numbers

Crunch the Numbers The Spring market is here!  Many buyers have been patiently waiting things out–watching the interest rates, and housing prices.  For buyers who continue to question if now is the time, we’ve done it for you, crunch the numbers that is. Any way you slice it, by comparing March 2023 statistics to those […]

Reverse Mortgages: Debunked

  Reverse mortgages have had a bit of a bad rap.  Here’s some of the stigmas they hold, and why they have their place as a financial tool, especially in today’s market!   Interest rates are up and cost of living is high.  Everyone is working their budget–trying to pay for life, whatever that looks […]

Before you shop, read this

Why Budget? Everyone knows, the cost of living has increased.  Going to the grocery store, the gas pump, or a trip or to the movies all costs more. While there isn’t much that can be done about that in the short term, what is in everyone’s control?  Budgeting.  Work with what you have to help […]

Subprime vs Traditional Lending

  Coming from a traditional lending background, I’ve often thought of mortgage lending as a puzzle. In order to help the client, every single piece is necessary to get them what they need.  Credit has to be solid, the income both consistent and sufficient, the security (house) had to be in a good location in […]


– HOW SOME YOUNG PEOPLE CAN AFFORD A HOME – By: Edward Trapunski We were recently very flattered to be invited to dinner by a young couple that we know. It was the first time that we visited their home and we were overwhelmed by how beautiful it is. Home for them and their two […]

Lenders hike fixed rates yet again, bringing them closer to 4.5%

-Steve Huebl of Canadian Mortgage Trends-   Following a jump in bond yields last week, lenders across the country once again bumped up their fixed mortgage rates.   Big banks like RBC, TD and BMO hiked 5-year fixed rates by 20 to 25 basis points, with all three offering uninsured rates at 4.39%.   The […]

Many BC homeowners reportedly planning to leave province soon – CMP – REMAX

-Many BC homeowners reportedly planning to leave province soon- Pandemic impacts and affordability concerns rank high among the reasons for moving out… A significant share of British Columbian homeowners are planning to leave the province within the next five years, raising the possibility of even more supply entering the red-hot market during that period, according […]