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A Piece of Nanaimo History – The Occidental Hotel

  The beginnings of the E&N Railway The Occidental Hotel – a piece of Nanaimo history dates back to the 1870’s when construction began on the Canadian Pacific Railway. The construction of a transcontinental railroad linking British Columbia with the eastern Canadian provinces which was one of the ‘terms of the Union’ when BC joined […]

The Million Dollar Question…

The bank of Canada has just raised their rate to a 22 year high at 5.0%. This move has us all pondering : What are interest rates going to do?  Whether you’re a Mortgage Broker, a Realtor, a homeowner, a consumer, or an investor – everyone wants to know what interest rates are going to […]

Did someone say “Second Home” ?

  University will start in the Fall for some of our kids, perhaps you’re seeking out accommodation options for your student.  Perhaps your looking to buy a second home to reside in for commuting purposes, or want to buy a vacation property to enjoy.  Others might want to purchase a property to move a family […]

Death. There, I Said it.

Death. There, I said it.   Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things a person can face. Being left to navigate the estate process can be daunting.  However, with prudent planning, the people left behind can grieve their loss and support the wishes of their loved one.  Make a plan for […]

Self Employed Options for Mortgage Financing

Self Employed: Mortgages Being self-employed has many advantages, like setting your own schedule and being your own boss.  You also have the advantage to write off items to decrease your taxable income.  This is great when it comes time to pay the Government, but can create challenges when you are planning on borrowing.  There is […]

Crunch the Numbers

Crunch the Numbers The Spring market is here!  Many buyers have been patiently waiting things out–watching the interest rates, and housing prices.  For buyers who continue to question if now is the time, we’ve done it for you, crunch the numbers that is. Any way you slice it, by comparing March 2023 statistics to those […]

Reverse Mortgages: Debunked

  Reverse mortgages have had a bit of a bad rap.  Here’s some of the stigmas they hold, and why they have their place as a financial tool, especially in today’s market!   Interest rates are up and cost of living is high.  Everyone is working their budget–trying to pay for life, whatever that looks […]

Before you shop, read this

Why Budget? Everyone knows, the cost of living has increased.  Going to the grocery store, the gas pump, or a trip or to the movies all costs more. While there isn’t much that can be done about that in the short term, what is in everyone’s control?  Budgeting.  Work with what you have to help […]