Last week Mortgage Professionals Canada released its “State of the Mortgage Market Report”. Although it strongly focused on the mortgage stress test it also included many interesting statistics that help show the current state of the mortgage market. We’ve summarized a handful of the findings below…

  • There are 6.03 million homeowners with mortgages (out of a total of 9.8 million homeowners in Canada) and there are 1.6 million Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) holders.
  • The percentage of mortgages in Canada with a fixed interest rate is 68% and the percentage of mortgage with variable or adjustable rates is 27% with “hybrid” mortgages making up 5%.
  • The average Amortization Period is 22.2 years.
  • The average lump sum payment made by homeowners was $22,100.00 which was done by 15% of them. An additional 33% of homeowners voluntarily took action to shorten their Amortization Periods.
  • 74%: The average home equity of Canadian homeowners, as a percentage of home value and 4%: The percentage of mortgage-holders with less than 15% home equity.
  • Among recent buyers who bought their home from 2015 to 2018, the percentage with 25% or more equity in their homes as 50%.
  • The percentage of homeowners who took equity out of their home in the past year (up slightly from 9% in 2017) was 10% or 960,000.
  • The average amount of equity that was taken out was $74,000.
  • The average percentage of down payment made by homeowners was 20%.
  • Lastly, 52% of homeowners used personal savings for their down payment and 20% used funds from parents or other family members.

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For more information please go to (you can read their article here which goes into more detail.

Survey details: This report was compiled based on online responses compiled in November 2018 from 2,023 Canadians, including homeowners with mortgages, homeowners without mortgages, renters and those living with family.