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Benefits of using a mortgage broker

Our mortgage brokers, Kevin Decker and Jason Barudin, will do all of the extensive work in finding the right mortgage for your needs and support you throughout the entire application and settlement process. We do all the paperwork, sourcing pre-approval, and keep you up to date with the progress of your application. This frees you […]

Do you have questions about Private Mortgages?

Not everyone can qualify for bankable mortgage loans. Private mortgages are a great alternative for while you are trying to establish or fix your credit, but are not meant to be a long-term solution. Private lenders tend to be less strict about your credit history, and have less requirements for an approval than a bank […]

Broker Lender Market Share Results – Q2 2017

Rank  Broker Channel Lender Market Share Q2 2017* 12 Mo Share Change 1 Scotiabank 26.7% +1030 bps 2 MCAP / RMG 14.2% -120 bps 3 First National 12.7% -250 bps 4 TD Canada Trust 8.6% +190 bps 5 Street Capital 6.3% -210 bps 6 Equitable Bank 4.5% -10 bps 7 Merix Financial 4.5% -240 bps […]

Tips For A Better Credit Score

Struggling to Understand Your Credit Score? Have you ever wondered how your credit score is compiled? Your score is out of 900 – 0 being the lowest and 900 the highest or best credit. Any score over 680 is considered to be “A” credit. No one will ever have a score of 900 because as soon as you use […]